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Prescription Adaptation

Adaptation is a service that our team provides to ensure your medication is effective and safe for you. 


Adaptation might be needed when you receive a prescription from your doctor that is either missing information or contains unexpected changes. Our pharmacists can decide to adapt the prescription if appropriate. We can also extend your prescription or substitute your medication when appropriate.

We will have thorough discussions with you and provide detailed consultations before we provide adaptation.  

Prescription adaptation services provided by Simples Drugs include Prescription Renewals, Change of Dose or Regimen, and Therapeutic Substitution. 


If you have run out of your medications and refills and are unable to see your doctor right away, our pharmacists at Simples Drugs can review and assess your medications and provide a renewal of your prescription if appropriate. 

If you have any questions regarding our adaptation services, feel free to reach us anytime and our staff is ready to assist you and discuss with you.

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